Tau (Netflix Original Movie 2018)

Rating: R
Run Time: 1 hr 37 min
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 29%/54%

Tau is the latest addition to the ever growing list of sci-fi series and movies that Netflix continues to throw at us. Tau is set in the future and it opens with our main protagonist Julia (Maika Monroe) being stalked through a nightclub by Alex (Ed Skrein), a scientist looking for subjects to perform tests on to perfect some sort of experiment. Alex succeeds at capturing Julia and holds her captive in his home. At Alex’s lavish home we see that he has a very elaborate home security system that is “controlled” by Tau (Gary Oldman), an advanced operating system. Tau gave us great imagery and effects but did it give us a good story?

The Good:

The special effects in this movie are awesome! Muhamed M’Barek (special effects coordinator) did a fantastic job bringing not only Tau but Alex’s high tech home to life. This is something that Netflix has done very well with these sci-fi features; creating a futuristic world that is visually stunning. There is one scene in this movie where Tau creates this digital world around Julia and while you know it’s CGI, that doesn’t take away from how great that scene looked.

The Bad:

The best way for me to explain how much of a let down Tau is would be for me to compare it to receiving a beautiful, ornate gift box and with great anticipation you open the box to find….nothing! Yes, Tau is a big ol pile of nothing! Flat performances from everyone except for the damn computer! I mean, really, a man doing voice over work for a computer outperformed the actual human beings. There was no character development whatsoever. We got no backstory about Julia or Alex which left me disconnected from both of them the entire time. Which was fine considering how unlikable these characters were anyway.

The story line was also very bland. I couldn’t really understand what Alex’s motivation was for kidnapping people for experimental reasons. I gathered that it had something to do with his job but why his job needed him to do this just was unclear to me. Quite frankly the movie was so boring that I did not care to really pay attention to know why he needed Julia. The climax of the film was so contrived and textbook that I struggled to not just turn the damn movie off. There was no suspense, no thrills, no adventure, no nothing (yes, I used a double negative). It seems like they spent the majority of their budget on special effects but not so much on the writing.

Overall Rating:

Tau promised us a sci-fi, action, thriller and gave us a poorly written and acted borefest. We’ve seen what they (Netflix) can do when it comes to the sci-fi arena with Black Mirror and What Happened to Monday and we have also seen how they can waste millions on a film with a crappy script (Bright). While I was hoping for the best with Tau, it did not deliver for me. This Sista Gurl does not recommend this film and I would suggest you go check out Bladerunner 2049 for something futurist that has good visuals and an awesome story to match! You’ve been warned!


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