Dear White People Vol. 2 (Netflix Original Series 2018)

Rating: TV-MA
Run Time: 29 min-35min
Number of Episodes: 10

Dear White People Vol. 2 is the follow up to the successful yet controversial Dear White People Vol. 1 (which is actually a continuation of the feature film of the same title). In volume 2 we have the return of Sam, Troy, Lionel, CoCo, Joelle, and Reggie, who are all African-American students attending the prestigious Winchester University. Following all the racial tension from volume 1 some of these students are having to live with the aftermath of their actions while others are finally feeling what it’s like to come into their own. The writers of this season decided to focus more deeply on the inner workings of these central characters and while their is a central plot happening; character growth and development is the main focus. But was this season as entertaining as it’s predecessor or did the writers do too much by minimizing the political tone of the show?

The Good:

I love the cast of this show. Their chemistry seems real and authentic (on and off camera). Now, I myself did not attend an Ivy League school but I did attend a PWI (predominately white institution), so I can relate to the idea of the minority students having their own space and place where they can just be who they are, enjoy ratchet, stereotypical tv shows, speaking freely about racial issues, and all that good stuff. And this is one of the most relatable things to me about this show and in this season the need for solitude is even more important because….*spoiler alert* Webster Hall gets integrated (damn colonizers!).

Like I mentioned earlier, the characters go through a lot of growth and I loved to see the evolution in this season/volume. Joelle is finally getting the attention from the fellas that she deserves and there is one scene where she realizes the guy she is dating is not who she thought and her reaction is EPIC! We get to see Sam broken down for a good portion of these season and while it is not enjoyable seeing a character so strong emotionally beaten down, it is refreshing to see some vulnerability in her. CoCo also endures some personal challenges and the decisions she has to make have lifelong consequences. The guys have some great moments too but the ladies just kept my interest more.

The Bad:

While I thoroughly enjoyed this season, I was a bit disappointed with how the Reggie vs Campus Security situation played out. They went for it slightly with some PTSD moments but then it was never revisited and it was just like he was over it. It was the same situation with Troy and his situation as well. With a show as real as DWP claims to be, the aftermath of such traumatic events were downplayed and half-ass addressed in my opinion…dammit if you’re gonna go there…GO THERE!

The final episode was kind of lackluster for me. There is an amazing appearance from the original Sam (Tessa Thompson) in this season and while her scene in the final episode was pretty good, it was just underwhelming. The cliffhanger scene to prepare us for season/volume 3 was so cheesy and I was disappointed. I expected so much more from the final episode and I just was not satisfied.

Overall Rating:

This season was very entertaining and while some episodes were better than others, the growth of Joelle, Sam, CoCo, and even Lionel was good to see. My hope is that this lackluster finale leads to an amazing opening season 3 because if it doesn’t then I don’t see this series making it to a season 4. So, this Sista Gurl definitely suggests you check out Dear White People Vol. 2….hell binge watch it with Vol. 1 and get your “fight the power!” on!


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