Coco (2017)

Run Time: 1 hr 47 min
Rating: PG
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 97%/95%

Coco is an animated feature from Disney Pixar and the first animated movie I’m reviewing on this blog. In Coco we are introduced to Miguel, a little boy that has a love for music but due to his great-great grandfather abandoning his family to pursue a career in music, Miguel’s family has banned music in the household and decided to become shoemakers instead. During the annual Dia de Muertos festival (Day of the Dead) to honor the ancestors Miguel find’s the guitar of his deceased great-great grandfather, plays a note, and is transported into the world of the dead. Upon entering this new world Miguel is greeted by some of his ancestors and in order to get back to the land of the living Miguel has to get the blessing of one of his ancestors. But with the family curse associated with the ban on music, Miguel does not want to return to the land of living unless the ban on music is removed, which is not happening if his great-great grandmother has anything to say about it. So, this leads Miguel on a journey to find his great-great grandfather to get the blessing to not only pursue music but to also return back to the land of the living before sunrise or he will be trapped in the land of the dead forever.

The Good:

Coco won 2 Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature and Best Achievement in Music Written For Motion Pictures and I would have to agree. I cannot say that I saw every nominee in this animated feature category, in fact, I haven’t watched an animated feature in a very long time. So, I was not necessarily looking forward to watching this film but I am so glad that I did. This movie is visually stunning! I was so in awe of how gorgeous this film looked. The attention to detail when it comes to skin texture, the balance and vibrancy of color, even the little things happening in the background all contributed to how breathtaking this movie is.

The music was also understated but so culturally appropriate. There were Mariachi bands showcased, as you would expect, but it was done in a respectful way and a way I would consider accurate for the Mexican culture. The song that the Academy Award was given for was “Remember Me” and at the end of this movie that song had me in tears. It was beautiful and so heartfelt. There were a couple of dance numbers but it was done in a good way and did not distract from the central story. The music worked and was just as beautiful as the visuals.

The Bad:

It is hard to say anything bad about animated films but especially one this good. The only issue I had with this film was the predictability of it. The great reveal in the third act wasn’t all that grand although it was done very well, I was kinda like, “well duh, that was obvious” but it was sweet none the less. Over than that small thing I have nothing else bad to say about this film….I know, I know you can’t believe it!

Overall Rating:

Coco was an amazing animated feature film and it rejuvenated my interest in this genre. Wait, I forgot I watched Zootopia and The Secret Life of Pets but those films do not come close to the storytelling or visuals of Coco. You certainly do not have to watch this film with a child, you can watch it by yourself or even with a group of adults and it is ok. I really hope it was accurate when it comes to the actual celebration of Dia de Muertos because it was portrayed beautifully. I would highly recommend you grab a box of tissue and watch this amazing movie!


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