Top 10 Favorite Valentine’s Day (Date Night) Movies

It is that that time of the year where couples (mostly the guys, let’s be honest) spend lots of money on their significant others in an attempt to show them how much they truly love them. This is also the time of the year when your standard Rom/Coms or beloved S&M fairytale (50 shades of no!) hit the big screen. Don’t get me wrong I love a good Rom/Com (You’ve Got Mail is my favorite all time film in this genre). However, me being the nontraditional Sista that I am, I’ve never really quite subscribed to the Valentine’s Day bells and whistles (EXCEPT for the chocolate….and don’t let there be any left the next day at Walgreens for 75% off…baaaaabyyyyy)….I digress. I am more of a let’s stay in for the night, cuddle up, eat some pizza, and watch a movie type of chick. So to help you out if you’re going the nontraditional route this year I have compiled a list of MY TOP 10 Valentine’s Day Movies (or any date night for that matter) to watch with your bae (these are in no particular order). So Enjoy….and take notes….

  1. Dawn of the Dead (2004)


What better way to spend the night, than to be cuddled up with your boo while watching flesh eating zombies??? I mean, what’s better than that, seriously?! This revamp of the 1978 horror classic stars Ving Rhames and Sarah Polley as the leaders of a group of sole survivors during the Zombie Apocalypse. This movie has everything you need: Suspense, Sex, Violence, the Joys of Childbirth…really just a little bit of everything for everybody (except children….don’t let your children watch this movie for God’s sake!) But why is this a great movie for date night? It will spark the conversation of “what would you do if a flesh eating, hyper-speed, zombie was running towards us? Would you sacrifice yourself for me? Or would you let them kill me to save yourself?” These are conversations that should really be had if you plan on having a future with someone!

  1. The Raid: Redemption (2011)

the raid

So, remember like 15 seconds ago when I was on my whole “what’s better than a zombie movie…blah blah blah” high horse? Well there is definitely something better than that….an all out shoot em up, kick ass martial arts film starring Iko Uwais in The Raid: Redemption (sorry zombie lovers). A friend of mine put me on to this movie (thanks Scott!) and it is officially one of my favorite action/martial arts/ date night films of all time! Basically, this film is about a swat team that has been given the assignment of going into a drug lord’s ghetto high rise (I don’t know how else to describe it because deeee-lux apartment in the skyyyy doesn’t really work here) to take out all the bad guys. But then they are locked in the building with everyone (tenants and all) having been instructed to kill on sight. The cinematography and choreography in this film is freaking unbelievable! Yayan Ruhian’s (Mad Dog) fight scenes in this movie are bananas!!!! Not only is he the stunt man but he also the fight choreographer for this film. But fret not ladies, there is a love story in this film that pushes our hero to fight for his life in this seemingly hopeless situation…oh and also another childbirth! So If you have not seen this movie….I just feel sorry for you and you need to really get it together…seriously…get it together!

  1. Saw (2004)


Ok…OK….I know what you’re thinking, “Saw?! Oh hell naw! I am not watching something that gross and gory on Valentine’s Day!” But hear me out! The original Saw which stars Leigh Whannell and Cary Elwes was a Crime Suspense Mystery….not the Horror shit show that this franchise has evolved into. There is not a ton of blood and guts shown and we are really asked to use our imaginations when it comes to the horrific outcomes. In case you have never seen Saw, it starts out with two men on opposite sides of the room locked in a bathroom with their legs chained up to metal pipes. They are given clues and a time limit to figure out where the key is hidden so they can escape from the room. There’s another subplot happening where the police are trying to figure out who this serial killer is and crazy things are happening left and right. Sorry, there are no babies being born and while one of the men trapped in the bathroom has a family he wants to make it home to…there is no real love story here. This is however yet another great conversation starter….”so if jigsaw gave you the option to either give me the passcode to your phone or suffer a horrible death, what would you do?” You know trust building activities and shit….moving on!

  1. Zombieland (2009)


Yep! Another zombie movie…However this one is not as intense as Dawn of the Dead. It stars Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, and Emma Stone so with a cast like this you cannot expect your typical run of the mill zombie horror flick. Zombieland is a horror comedy that again follows what appear to be the sole survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse. Now, this movie has a love story has the main plot, along with the survivors trying to make it to an amusement park where they believe there are more survivors. There is some good ol Zombie killing but also a story about companionship and tips on how to survive a Zombie attack…oh and a Bill Murray cameo…sooooo Zombieland is just a fun movie to watch that will make you and bae laugh the night away.

  1. The Expendables (2010)


The Expendables stars every freaking action super star known to man….dont believe me? Ok….so you have Sylvester Stalone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, and Terry Crews has the Expendables. These men are Mercenaries that have been asked to come back together to take out a Latin dictator as well as a rogue CIA agent. This movie does not have the best acting, the plot is about as cliché as it gets but I’ll be damned…there is some good action here! I love to watch jason Statham in almost anything and Jet Li is my second favorite martial arts actor (no one compares to Bruce Lee…NO ONE!) so when you put these two in a film, you will have action gold! So for the ladies, there are some fairly hot guys with muscles kicking ass left and right and for the guys there is plenty of shoot outs, car chases, and explosions. Plus who awesome is it to see Stallone and Lundgren in a movie again but as teammates not adversaries…ijs….Expendables is a must watch!

  1. Predator (1987)


Oh Yes…I went there! Predator, one of the best action/ sci-fi films of all time! This film is a cinema classic as far as I am concerned and it stars Arnold Schwarzenagger(shout out to Arnold for becoming a huge star with that name!) as Dutch, the captain of a gang of commandos who encounter an extraterrestrial warrior that turns this team from the hunters to the prey. Other than getting to see a ripped Arnold in his prime, covering his naked body in mud (mmm hmm)…this film may be all for the fellas…sorry ladies. Predator is just a fun movie to watch. There is not a very complex plot here but the concept, for that time period, was so freaking unique! If for no other reason to watch this on V-day, you and the main squeeze can walk down memory lane and think about how awesome you thought this movie was when you first saw it and if it is still as awesome 31 years later. Now, if one of you has never seen this film… then someone really needs to reevaluate how they are choosing partners out here….ijs…NEXT!

  1. The Matrix (1999)

the matrix

Keanu Reeves! I love him… And It’s The Matrix…Nothing Else to Say…The End

  1. Captain America: Civil War (2016)


Captain America is my favorite Marvel Character (for now…that may change after Black Panther) so when Civil War came out I was just in awe of the bad ass-ary displayed by Cap and all the Avengers, for that matter. Civil War ( in case you’ve been living under a rock and have not seen it) splits the Avengers team in half as that battle over the morality of what they are doing and if their actions are truly saving the world or making things worse. On one side you have Steve (Captain America) who wants the Avengers to continue their fight to save innocent people from the evil villains of the World. And On the other side there is Tony (Iron Man) who thinks the Avengers should only act when asked by the government to handle certain missions. This movie had many Marvel fans divided…either you were Team Cap or Team Stark (and you had those dorks that saw strong arguments for both sides….booooo get off the fence!) So let’s see here you have fine ass Chris Evans, sexy Scarlett Johansson, handsome Chadwick Boseman, and fine ass Chris Evans (oh I already said that) and an awesome Avengers v Avengers fight scene that was mind blowing! Oh and there are a couple of cute little side love stories with a bromance…so come on.. this is a no brainer! Civil War a definite date night flick!

  1. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)


At this point, nothing should be surprising you….I mean I started with Dawn of the Dead for crying out loud. A Nightmare on Elm Street made this list because it will definitely get you in bed with that special someone! Hell, you’ll be so afraid to go to sleep that you’ll probably just stay up all night talking really getting to know things about your partner that you never did before. I am just trying to strengthen relationships here! No, seriously…Robert Englund stars as the most iconic movie monster of all time (in my opinion) Freddie Krueger. In this film a group of teens are terrorized in their dreams by a serial killer that makes all of their nightmares come true. Freddie isn’t like Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees where there ominous presence is enough to terrify….no Freddie loves to crack a joke or two before he rips you to shreds! It is this odd charisma that has made this character a cinematic legend. Now, in all honesty this movie is not as scary as it used to be but it is creepy enough to have you think twice about going down that dark hallway to the bathroom alone. Oh and by the way ladies…you get to see a young Johnnie Depp in a crop top….does that make this pick a little better???? Probably not!

  1. John Wick (2014)


Again…Keanu Reeves…I love him! But more than just that this movie is super dope! Ok, ladies now this will definitely be one that you can get into right out the gate. It starts with a sweet scene of Keanu reminiscing about his deceased wife while opening a package from her that has a cute little puppy inside. Awwww….OMG there is love, loss, and a puppy all within 10 minutes! And then shit gets real when the son of the mobster that John used to work for does some pretty stupid stuff to piss John off and he has to go back to his old ways to get revenge. I am no plot spoiler so I’ll just leave it at that. But this movie is bad to the bone! I was so happy to see Keanu Reeves back in an awesome action movie where they didn’t really on a ton of special effects of CGI but just so good old fashioned hand to hand, gun-to- gun combat. Ladies, if you whip this movie out your man will fall in love even more. Now don’t be all cheesy and where lingerie and shit when you surprise him with this one because your feelings will be hurt. Fellas, please don’t get offended if your girl keeps talking about how hot Keanu is and how sexy he looks beating people up! Look, there has to be some give and take here!

So there you have it…My Top 10 Valentine’s Day Movies to watch with your boo! Leave a comment and tell me what movies were missing and what movies were a no go for you. Yes these films were out of the box but so what…so am I!


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