Bright (Netflix Original Movie 2017)

Run Time: 1 hr 57 min
Rating: TV-MA
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 27%/86%

Bright is yet another Netflix original production set in the future (Netflix is really obsessed with the future) but this time we are going the “buddy cop” route with not a whole of lot of buddy. Daryl Ward (Will Smith) is a human cop with a great deal of mistrust towards his orc partner Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton). While on the line of duty Daryl is shot by an assailant, who just so happened to be an orc. While Nick gave it his best effort he was not able to apprehend the suspect, but was it intentionally? And this unknown is what sets the tone for Daryl and Nick’s relationship. Now of course we cannot be in a futurist world without some mystical shit happening. Long story short..there’s a magic wand that gives people unlimited powers, our protagonists come across a young elf woman that has possession of said wand and they have to fight off everybody and their mama to protect her and stop the wand from getting into the wrong hands and unleashing the wrath of the dark lord upon the Earth (muahahaha…too much?). Bright is directed by David Ayer, the same man that directed Suicide Squad so it was certainly action packed….but did this movie shine?

The Good:

The concept of the movie was pretty unique. Not in that it was set in the future (lord knows we’ve seen that before) but in how the film is set in the future yet it still feels like modern times. Yes, you have orcs, elves, centaurs, magic wands, and even fairies existing in this world but there aren’t any flying cars, insane weapons, or complete removal of the human race. Now for some fantasy fans, this may be a bit of a let down but for me I thought it was pretty clever, just a bit of break from the norm (see what I did there?)

Another thing I enjoyed is that damn Noomi Rapace…again! I mean this woman is a bad ass! I loved her in What Happened to Monday and she was my favorite thing about Bright! She plays Leilah, the elf Queen who owns the magic wand and honeyyyyy she is not playing about that wand and she is fighting with everything she has to get it back! I looked forward for every scene that she was in because the pace increased, the action improved, and she made me fear for Daryl and Nick. I love a strong female villain and she gave me everything that I needed.

The Bad:

I am not a fan of unnecessary plot points and backstory’s that are never mentioned again or add any value to the story. And there is some of that in this film. We are introduced to one of the officer’s family but then that’s it. I am not sure if we were introduced to create some sort of empathy with the character or for some sort of character development but it was pointless. And on the other hand when there needed to be more backstory and character development, there was none. Basically I didn’t give a crap about our main characters.

And I really hate to say it but this film was predictable. Not the overall concept but everything beyond that was so utterly predictable that I lost interest after a while. This is a $90 million film….yes $90 million and here I am knowing everything that is going to happen before it happens. That is just unacceptable.This is not the first time David Ayer has had Will Smith has a weapon and failed to execute a great movie. There were so many great elements in this film but they just did not deliver. There was even a scene where I thought they were going to give us something different and then…boom…..they didn’t.

Overall Rating:

As a Will Smith fan, I really wanted this film to be better but it just did not deliver the goods at all. This film was trying to be too many things all at once and I am so over films like this. There is a such thing as a final cut and final edits should really be made. For $90 million this film felt some incomplete and all over the place. I did not like it, plain and simple and they had the audacity to set the stage for a sequel. So this Sista Gurl suggests you go check out Hancock or I am Legend for your Will Smith fix because it’s lights out for Bright. You’ve been warned.


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