What Happened to Monday (Netflix Original Movie 2017)

Run Time: 2 hr 3 min
Rating: TV-MA
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 64%/67%

What Happened to Monday is a Netflix Original Movie starring Noomi Rapace, William Defoe, and Glenn Close. What Happened to Monday (WHTM) is a futuristic, thriller, action-adventure, whodunit set in the year 2073. In this futuristic tale the world is over populated and a company has created a CryoSleep machine to aid in controlling the population. Eventually it becomes the law that families are only allowed to have one child and any citizen found to have a sibling has to face the Cryo chamber and go into a deep sleep until the Earth’s population is back in line.So imagine the stress one would face if they were to have seven children… well this is exactly what Terrence Settman (William Defoe) has to deal with when his wife gives birth to septuplets (that means 7 babies..keep up). In order to help his daughters hide in plain sight, he has named them the days of the week (this is also how they know what day they are allowed to leave the house and experience the real world). Fast Forward 30 years later and the girls are now trying to live their lives under one shared identity, Karen Settman. All is going well until, yes you guessed it, Monday disappears and we are taken on a ride with the remaining 6 sisters to find out what happened to Monday. I had so many people texting me, calling, me, DM-ing me (yes I’m kind of a big deal) to check this movie out, so I decided to get my Netflix and Chill on and see what all the fuss is about.

The Good:

Noomi Rapace is muthafreaking awesome in her role as all 7 sisters! She did so well that I eventually forgot that it was one actress playing all the roles. There was not a bunch of prosthetic work, make-up, or CGI to differentiate the sisters…nope! With the use of some good ol wigs, we were given one of the best performances I have seen in a Netflix original so far (yes I said it!). The portrayal of these sisters could have come off as campy, forced, or stale but Noomi DELIVERED HONEY! I don’t know if Netflix productions are eligible for the Oscars but dammit she deserves one.

Another thing I loved about this movie is that it caught me off guard. I was expecting one thing and got something totally different. It was like eating a piece of chocolate with filling that you did not expect to taste. I was mentally prepared to put the clues together to help them figure out what happened to Monday, then POW, I am hit with action and a thriller that quite frankly should have been on the big screen not just Netflix. There were so many twists and turns, that I let out several audible gasps throughout the film. This movie was a genuine thrill ride and it was so well put together.

The Bad:

While I thoroughly enjoyed this film, it was not perfect by any means. One issue I had was the lack of development of the sisters personalities. I understand that the run time would have been much longer had they gone into a lot of detail about each sister’s personality but it would have been awesome to see some sort of montage about what each woman experiences on their day out in the city. Differentiating the sisters based on outfits and hairstyles and using that as a way to “explain” their difference in personality was a bit lazy.

Another thing that I didn’t like was some of the subplots that help set up the main plotline. There’s a side love story that , honestly could have been omitted. I understand the point of this romantic storyline but we could have gotten through the film just fine without it. There was also this heavy handed political undertone that, again was not really necessary. It seems like lately every film has to have this subtle political point to make. And while I get that films like to speak to an audience and be relatable, sometimes science fiction needs to be just that…fiction. I don’t always need to be knocked over the head with the idea that the poor is misused by rich, elite politicians…just entertain me.

Overall Rating:

WHTM is a must watch…period! It was fun and it will lead you in a way that you do not expect. One minute you think you’re watching Taken, then the next thing you know it turns into the Matrix, then it becomes Bourne Identity, and then I think I’m watching the Hunger Games (ok, maybe that was too far but you get the point). So, this Sista Gurl highly highly recommends WHTM! You can Netflix and Chill solo dolo and still have a great time! So put on your best wig, create an alter ego and go find out What Happened to Monday!


2 thoughts on “What Happened to Monday (Netflix Original Movie 2017)

  1. Thank you for that glowing review. I have to go watch it now. You make me want to see it. I’ll come back when I watch it.


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