She’s Gotta Have It (Netflix Original Series)

10 Episodes
Run Time: 31-38 Minutes
Rating: TV-MA

She’s Gotta Have It is a reboot of the 1986 Spike Lee film of the same name. This Netflix original series stars newcomer DeWanda Wise, as well as Anthony Ramos, Lyriq Bent, and Cleo Anthony. In this series we are introduced (reintroduced to some) to Ms. Nola Darling, a young, budding, struggling, artist who is just trying to live her best life in New York (Brooklyn to be exact). In addition to trying to make her way in the art world, Nola is also trying to juggle a “love” life that involves 3…yes 3 men. This is a Spike Lee Joint and doing a multi-episode series is something that we have not seen from Spike before. And the question is….Did he deliver?

The Good:

If I had to sum this series up in one word it would be…DOPE! I loved this series!!! I was so hesitant to watch it because 1) I vaguely remember the original film because I was too young to watch it when it came out and I never had the desire to revisit it. 2) Spike Lee Joint’s are like a box of never know what you’re gonna get. However, I am so glad I took a chance and watched because I was pleasantly surprised.

DeWanda Wise, who I was first introduced to in Season 2 of Underground as Clara, was so bomb in this role as Nola Darling. Miss Thang did such a great job that I felt like I was watching a reality show rather than a scripted series in some moments. She made Nola so relatable to that point that I started to see a bit of myself in the character. It didn’t hurt that she was being supported by three amazing actors that portrayed Jamie, Greer, and Mars (her love interests). These men did such a good job that at no point in time did I think of who could have played the role better (you know how it is when you are watching something and you are convinced that your favorite actor would have done a better job). Kim Coleman, the casting director, did a good job casting this series and I am looking forward to what characters are introduced in Season 2….Jesus please let there be a Season 2.

Another thing I loved was the music. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering this is the same man that brought us “Doing Da Butt” but this was on some whole other level. The songs fit each scene so perfectly and Spike had a very unique way of crediting the music that was pretty genius. Music can really impact the feel of a movie or TV series and I can tell there was some real thought put into these music choices and I KNOW a pretty penny was paid to get this music into the series.

And lastly everything flowed seamlessly. It really felt like I was watching a movie broken up into ten episodes. A lot of times a series will have several subplots happening that somewhat tie into the main plot but SGHI kept it centered around this one main idea and made a series that you wanted to binge watch. Now don’t get me wrong there are some subplots happening but not to the point that there needs to be a lot of exposition to get us back to the matter at hand. When the last episode ended I felt so sad because I wanted to see what was going to happen as a result of some decisions Nola made (no spoilers here). This says a lot about this series for me because I am the queen of falling asleep watching TV, so kudos to Spike for keeping me engaged through ten episodes.

The Bad:

Yes, there were some bad things about the series because nothing is perfect. And the first problem I had with the series was the length of the episodes. They are only about 30 minutes long and while the seamless flow of the series helps with this issue, the episodes still feel like they fly by.

Another issue I had was with some of the acting in a couple scenes. For the most part the acting was on point but every now and then there would be a line delivered that felt very forced. These moments were few and far in between but if you watch this series these scenes will probably stick out like a sore thumb. Also, Spike had to throw in some of his signature moves in terms of filming. If you are familiar with Spike’s work then you know what I am referring to with camera angels, movements, shots, etc. There is not a lot of this in the first few episodes but near the end Spike is serving us all kinds of old school Spike Lee camera direction. This may not be a bad thing for some but for me it was a bit unnecessary at times.

Overall Rating:

I think it is clear how I feel about this series. I loved it and I gotta have more. I absolutely loved the characters Greer and Mars. They were so funny to me and had me belly laughing almost every time they were on the screen. I can’t imagine this series going beyond a Season 2, which is a sad thought but if they can bring it just as hard for Season 2 I will be a very satisfied customer. And let me just say in the final episode they pay the most awesome homage to my favorite singer that my heart just warmed with joy! If you know me personally then you already know what artist that was. Sooooooo look, go watch this series ASAP! If you have a boo brace yourself because there are some pretty hot sex scenes and ya’ll might need to pause it to feel on a booty or something! But either way this Sista Gurl highly recommends this series, you will not be disappointed!


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