Knock Knock 

Run Time: 1 hour 39 min

Rating: R

Rotten Tomato Rating: 35%/21%

Knock Knock is a psychological thriller starring Keanu Reeves, Lorenza Izzo, and Ana de Armas. In this film Keanu plays Evan, a “devoted”, loving husband and father that due to unforeseen circumstances has to spend Father’s day weekend home alone (I will discuss the irony of this later). Like most psychological thrillers produced by Lionsgate, a stranger (two in this case) in need of assistance during a rainy night just so happen to knock on the door of the main protagonist in the middle of nowhere. With very little hesitation Evan invites the girls into his home and allows them to stay until their Uber arrives (what an original plot devise). However, things take a sharp turn and after participating in a threesome with these two mysterious women (which took very little convincing on their part) all hell breaks loose and Evans life is forever changed.

The Good:

Let me be frank, there is very little good about this film! The best I can do is Keanu Reeves is in it and tries to really sell his character as a good guy that just made a horrible decision.Oh! and the concept is unique…..I got nothing else.

The Bad:

Let me start with the fact that the premise of this film relies on the audience believing that everyone in Evan’s neighborhood is gone for the long Father’s day weekend…what?!!! Everyone knows that Father’s day is hardly celebrated and if anything families stay home and dads grill burgers and not a whole lot is going on; so trying to sell me on that idea was insulting.

Second, the antagonists did not pull off psycho to me as much as they were just annoying; It was such a reach. I could have bought into it a little but the actresses were freaking terrible.

Most disappointing is the fact that this movie is BORING! I like my psychological thrillers intense, suspenseful, where I am yelling at the screen rooting for the main character but this mess right here….no.  There is very little tension built up for the final act, Evan was not the most likable character, and the “plot twist” at the end was just dumb. They even had the audacity to have a token sassy black character that saw right through the charade but of course he died because he was the black token character (we don’t survive these things..come one!)

Overall Rating:

Knock Knock was a joke (pun intended) and the fact that Keanu Reeves made this film a year after making John Wick (which is amaze-balls) blows my mind! I am convinced that this movie was an adult version of home alone but done 100 times worse (Evan rhymes with Kevin, he was home alone, and experienced days filled with hijinks after being visited by two strangers who have done this many times before. Coincidence….I think not!). Lionsgate sold us a softcore porn with a subpar story line and this mess flopped! The film quality was shit, the acting was horrendous, and this film should have never seen the light of day.  If you want to watch a good sexy, revenge, psychological thriller, this Sista Gurl suggests  Fatal Attraction, Crush, or even Fear.

You’ve Been Warned….




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